(Pre-Sale) Young Guns - Original Motion Picture Score (LP and iTunes)


From Rusted Wave:

The Young Guns original motion picture soundtrack has never been released...until now! Available for pre-order on both vinyl (limited to 1,000 units) as well as iTunes.

iTunes: http://apple.co/2hlOHTw
LP: www.rustedwave.com use the promo code YOUNGINSTA and get 20% off!

Pre-order your copy today! (coming January 20, 2017)

Originally released in 1988, Young Guns is an action-packed western about Billy the Kid (Emilio Estevez) and the Regulators (Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dermot Mulroney and Casey Siemaszko) exacting revenge upon the Santa Fe Ring during the Lincoln County War in 1878.

Composed by Anthony Marinelli & Brian Banks, the Young Guns score brilliantly embodies the off-kilter, emotionally unstable characteristics of Billy the Kid, both the man and the myth. It is epic and powerful, but equally haunting with an underlying melancholy tone.

Mastered from the original recordings and pressed on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl. LP cover in smooth matte finish, with a full-color liner note insert from Mr. Marinelli. Also to be released digitally on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms.

This is a must-have for soundtrack and music lovers alike. Regulators, mount up!


1.    Main Title 2.    Splendid Reading 3.    The Confrontation 4. The Watch 5.    Tunstall’s Death 6. Howdy 7.    Poet With A Big Gun 8.    McCloskey’s Death 9.    Pass The Peyote Please 10.    Dick’s Death 11.    Top O’ The Morning Girls 12.    Turn In Your Badges 13. Kinney Chase 14.    The Campfire 15.    Bring In The Troops 16.    Crazy Charlie 17.    The Shootout 18. Pals 19.    End Credits 20.    Coda (Poet Reprise)



It’s that time of year.

Here’s a new soundtrack for a Halloween scare.


Supernatural Thriller | Suspense | Horror

“Are you afraid? That's what they like.”

Based on True Events:
ALTERGEIST portrays King’s Ransom Winery as one of the most haunted places in North America. Gruesome suicides and murders, suspicious fires, and strange otherworldly phenomena appear with disturbing frequency throughout the history of the estate. Perhaps more disturbing, however, is the fact that these are all based on true events.

In the late 1800s, a woman took her own life in the attic of the historic Korbel House (real world Korbel Champagne Cellars in Guerneville, California), which served as the set for the old Till family homestead in ALTERGEIST. Having scrawled mad writings across the walls of the attic, this formerly reserved cook’s wife was clearly struggling against dark forces she could not understand. In the end she turned to suicide as the only means of escape.

Grounds keepers at Korbel have experienced strange happenings in and around this house, and some refuse to approach it at night. Our cast and crew also felt the presence of spirits from the winery’s past, both in the house and elsewhere on the grounds.

The white lady of the Korbel house, strange orbs of light that move through the redwood forests at night, and stories of other tragic deaths in the area all served as inspiration for the twisted history of King’s Ransom Winery in ALTERGEIST.


Directed & Written by Tedi Sarafian
Music by Anthony Marinelli
Produced by Aaron Heck, John Negropontes, Loma Paul, Fiore Talarico and Jared Talarico
Starring Kristina Anapau, Mark Hapka, David Weidoff, Lindsey Godfrey, Brendan Fletcher, Alexis Cruz, Sarah Oh and Olivia Stuck


“If you burn for a ghost story with an extraterrestrial twist, consider your cinematic thirst quenched…. ALTERGEIST bravely attempts to mesh these two themes into one film, creating both an ambiguous, creepy and rather enjoyable paranormal matrimony.…”

- Fangoria Magazine by Michael Alexander, November 12, 2014

SHOOT Magazine: Music From The Start - by Anthony Marinelli

This article was originally featured on page 3 of  SHOOT Magazine and online here.

Anthony Marinelli

Anthony Marinelli

Music is considered a vital element when married with picture, but is usually left to the end of the production schedule. The day is here where technology allows us to create the story, the picture edit, visual effects, sound effects and music at the same time. What are we waiting for?

While the producer is telling composers it’s too early to be thinking about music, the film editor has already picked a piece of music and presented it with picture. Someone was thinking about music from the start, it just wasn’t a composer. This decision puts a lot of extra burden on the final music. Most editors prefer cutting to music as it helps create atmosphere, determines pace, and motivates cutting/extending a scene, etc.

The film editor, by default, is often the sole decider of the temp music. This creates a ripple effect as the project progresses. “Just find something to cut to” becomes “everybody loves the temp music.” The editor, by default, is dictating the direction of the music.  Any other music created later is a replacement by definition.

A composer’s job is to create the best option for the picture (not just beat the temp). “Temping” without a composer’s input does not make this easy. Human beings get attached to things, especially when they’re working well. “Temp Love” however, may be blocking a better idea.

Agencies may turn this “replacement process” into a competition amongst composers, music houses and libraries to beat the temp. Agencies feel like they need a lot of choices, but that doesn’t allow for direct collaboration with the composer of that music.

A worse case scenario is hiring a composer that must spend valuable time reacting to the temp and navigating around complications like potential copyright infringement.

An Alternative:
- Decide on tempo and tone utilizing the knowledge of a composer along with the editor and creative team.

- Sort through temp music via streaming services or iPods for inspiration when editing, but quickly leave this dangerous territory

- Just as an editor creates rough edits that lead to a final approved edit, composers can organically create rough original tracks during the editing process that lead to the final music version.

- Composers can set up a laptop and MIDI controller near the editor to create an original temp score. This way the edit and music can be updated together.

- The entire creative team can be in constant dialogue through this type of proximity to react to developing ideas.

It’s time for agencies to think music from the start.

Composer/producer/musician Anthony Marinelli heads up Los Angeles-based Music Forever.

Score for Midnight Return Revisits Sounds from Oscar-Winning Midnight Express

Brad Davis as Billy Hayes in Midnight Express

Brad Davis as Billy Hayes in Midnight Express

I've just finished up scoring music for the documentary Midnight Return.  It's an insightful and exciting look into the story behind the story of the classic 70s thriller that scared us all, Midnight Express.

U.S. Premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on February 12, 2016

Starring Billy Hayes
Written & Directed by Sally Sussman Morina
Executive Producer Anthony Marino
Produced & Edited by Sean Fanton
Music by Anthony Marinelli

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A non-stop unbelievable story (Academy Award for best Screenplay, Oliver Stone) and a musically daring score (Academy Award for Best Score, Giorgio Moroder) launched Midnight Express into worldwide fame and notoriety.  Midnight Return looks at the true life experience of the man who inspired the film, Billy Hayes, and its surprising effect on the world, even to this day.

Here's a song I wrote for the score inspired by the complex story that we see both on and off the screen.

Here's the famous music that won Giorgio his first Oscar.

Update!  I Had the wonderful opportunity to meet Billy and his wife at the premiere.