Score for Midnight Return Revisits Sounds from Oscar-Winning Midnight Express

Brad Davis as Billy Hayes in Midnight Express

Brad Davis as Billy Hayes in Midnight Express

I've just finished up scoring music for the documentary Midnight Return.  It's an insightful and exciting look into the story behind the story of the classic 70s thriller that scared us all, Midnight Express.

U.S. Premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on February 12, 2016

Starring Billy Hayes
Written & Directed by Sally Sussman Morina
Executive Producer Anthony Marino
Produced & Edited by Sean Fanton
Music by Anthony Marinelli

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A non-stop unbelievable story (Academy Award for best Screenplay, Oliver Stone) and a musically daring score (Academy Award for Best Score, Giorgio Moroder) launched Midnight Express into worldwide fame and notoriety.  Midnight Return looks at the true life experience of the man who inspired the film, Billy Hayes, and its surprising effect on the world, even to this day.

Here's a song I wrote for the score inspired by the complex story that we see both on and off the screen.

Here's the famous music that won Giorgio his first Oscar.

Update!  I Had the wonderful opportunity to meet Billy and his wife at the premiere.