Introducing Trio Retro (part 2)


Trio Retro is an international jazz ensemble featuring the nine-language vocal styling of Cindy Gomez, three time Grammy winning vocalist / trumpeter Asdru Sierra and composer / producer / pianist Anthony Marinelli.

Introducing Trio Retro (part 2)

I like recording in one pass when we're all playing and singing at the same time because it allows us to feed off of each other. I'll sit back and wait for a phrase to end and then I'll have a chance to respond to the lyric. And then, one of them will come back in and then I'm following them, and sort of like pushing and pulling the rhythm, pushing and pulling the phrasing of the music, and essentially pushing and pulling your emotions. And it does it to me as a performer, and hopefully it will do it to the listener, and take them on a journey because these songs are in a narrative form that their poems that tell a story. So I think that performing in one take allows us to tell the story of these poems in a very intuitive kind of emotional way.

I love this Trio because I love doing projects with Asdru Sierra. We've done a number of things in the past and every time we do, there's kind of a special thing. We’re like musical brothers. You know, he gets a lot of different styles of music and we both grew up really listening to a lot of different music. Like certain things I listened to and certain things he listened to, but I think though that we gained an appreciation of all music and he's a complete musician. He knows how to do everything including sing.

So it's quite a great opportunity, anytime I get that opportunity, I'm going to take advantage of it -- to work with Asdru.  Cindy, I met through Asdru, and we're forming a bond in this Trio that's highly unusual. Asdru and Cindy sing like brother and sister. There's a connection there that I've only usually seen with brothers and sisters the way that they can follow each other, they look at each other through the glass, but it's more than just that. 

They respond to each other, you know, just through their eyes, and they know kind of when... because you can't just look at each other and know when to be loud when to be soft, when to be, to have vibrato, when to smooth out. You know, they just know and I guess they get that just through seeing each other perform and in knowing what to do with a particular lyric, so they both have an intuitive ability with that song as well as a particularly intuitive ability to sing that song together. And I just, you know, go along for the ride. I'm like sort of the Magic Carpet that they ride on top of. And I like that!