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With over 30 years of experience in music for advertising as well as an extensive resume in feature films and records, Anthony Marinelli and Music Forever provide an unmatched perspective with one goal in mind - getting our clients the best music for their project.





9 celebrity spots highlighting the individual talents of John Lithgow, Bill Nye, Michael Chang, Liz Torres, Gregory Hines, Paula Poundstone, Trisha Yearwood, Kurt Vonnegut and Sheryl Swoopes

Music for "Made to Move" campaign on television, radio, internet and at the pump for the past 9 years

Car Spots

82 spots including campaigns of new model launches
Acura 1 spot
Buick 5 spots
Cadillac 1 spot
Chevrolet 8 spots
Chrysler 8 spots
Dodge 2 spots
Ford 1 spot
General Motors 1 spot
Honda 1 spot
Infiniti 8 spots
Jaguar 10 spots
Mazda 4 spots
Mini Cooper 2 spots
Mercedes Benz 7 spots
Saturn 1 spot
Subaru 12 spots
Suzuki 4 spots
Toyota 5 spots
Volvo 1 spot

Portland GE super wide.png

Featuring Frank Zappa telling us to not use their product, Cannes Silver Lion Winner

31 spots by A-list directors including Joe Pytka and Dominic Sena, different music styles for every spot that always sound like Apple at their core, branded use of piano, new product launches including Newton and the the first lap top – the Macintosh PowerBook, 15 awards for music including 11 Clios, 2 AICP Awards and 2 ADDYs


Joe Pytka (20+ spots), Michael Bay, Dominic Sena, Mike Figgis, Peter Smillie, Randy Roberts, Tarsem Singh

7 spots including M Class launch - 1st luxury SUV and C-class re-launch, winner 3 Silver Hugo Awards

Composed the song "Very Merry Christmas" for the Christmas parade in the theme parks avery year for 9 years, also used as the television advertising music

Music for the "This is Your Brain on Drugs" campaign, "recognized by marketing experts as one of the most influential [ads] in history" -Time Magazine 

8 spots including “Happy Jingle” which received national attention for telling its customers to not over use their credit card and accumulate debt, the jingle was a parody on advertising jingles that encourage excess, produced with a full orchestra and 1950s style singer chorus throughout, Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster) was the VO announcer.

Celebrity Spots

Woody Allen, Sean Penn, Kevin Garnett, Frank Zappa, Kurt Vonnegut, Gregory Hines, Howie Mandel, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Laura Linney, Zach Braff, John McEnroe

“In the Heartland” jingle on air for 10 years across Southern California, lyrics were printed on the shopping bags, full length song version performed live at corporate meetings

California Department
 of Health Services

Composed campaign music for world's first anti-smoking advertisment, Clio Award winner for Best Entire Campaign, still running today


Paramount Pictures 3 second music at the end of all their TV shows
Morgan Creek 10 second music at the head of their feature films
Discover Card arrangements for 3 second tag on TV spots
Screen Vision composed melodic tag for in-theatre advertising
Sears arrangements for 3 bar melodic tag on TV spots

Performed music for  Super Bowl XVII halftime show: "KaleidoSUPERscope" with the Los Angeles Super Drill Team
Budweiser “Only the Best For Fred” / Super Bowl XXXIV (Fred is a talking dog)
Accenture “Candles” / Super Bowl XXXV, and 

5 orchestral spots with short and long versions, Heritage Campaign highlights their history, Telly Award winner

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Cannes Silver Lion
Portland Gas and Electric “Zappa”

Clio Award

Apple "Meeting” (1993)
Apple Complete TV Campaign (1992)
Apple "Kareem" TV (1992)
Calif. Dept. of Health Services Entire Campaign (1990)

Apple "Where is Newton" (1993)
Apple "Powerbook" TV Campaign #1 (1993)
Apple "TV Campaign" (1993)
Apple Newton "TV Campaign #1" (1993)
Apple Newton "Making it Easier" (1992)
California Anti Smoking "Full Support" (1992)
Apple Complete Campaign (1992)
Earth Communicattions Office Movie Trailer (1992)
California Anti Smoking "Ashtray" (1990)
California Anti Smoking "Industry Spokesman" (1990)
Apple "Industrial Revolution" (1990)
Apple Complete Campaign (1990)

Grillmaster "Manifesto" Music (1998)
Grillmaster "Manifesto" Agency (1998)

AICP Award
Apple "Who is Newton” (1994)
Apple "Diner" (1994)

Addy Award
Apple "Powerbook" TV Campaign (1994)
Apple "Diner" TV Campaign (1994)

Telly Award
Sharp Health Care "Wheel" Music (1999)
Sharp Health Care "Wheel" Agency (1999)
AAA "Heritage” (1995)

Silver Hugo Award
Mercedes "Smooth Ride" SUV Category (1997)
Mercedes "Smooth Ride" Automotive Category (1997)
Mercedes "Smooth Ride" Gold Plaque / Chicago International TV Competition (1997)



PDFA / This is Your Brain on Drugs

Apple / Kareem

Budweiser / Fred

Portland GE / Zappa

Apple / Diner

Nike / Manhunt

CDHS / Victim-Wife

Discover / Gregory Hines

Discover / Kurt Vonnegut

Apple / Grandfather

Microsoft / Grunt Work


Today, clients want music to communicate across many platforms. For Jaguar at Play, we first expanded the original 30 second instrumental into a 60 second version.  Then we created a full length pop song with lyrics in English and Spanish for use in social media. 

From ad.

To song.

El Remedio (The Remedy)
Music: Anthony Marinelli, Lyrics/Vocals: Asdru Sierra of Ozomatli
Feat. Vocals by Cindy Gomez and Justin Porée of Ozomatli


Music for Latino Media