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Anthony Marinelli (born March 19, 1959) is a classically trained American pianist, musician, composer and conductor. In his early career, he performed accompaniment on the synthesizer for albums including Michael Jackson's Thriller (1983). Marinelli has also recorded with Lionel Richie, Kenny Loggins, Herb Alpert, Supertramp, The Crystal Method, Billy Childs and James Brown.

Marinelli was a contributor in the production of Quincy Jones' soundtrack for Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple (1985) and composed for Young Guns (1988), Graveyard Shift (1990), Leaving Las Vegas (1996), and Internal Affairs (2000).

Excluding episodic-television and commercials, Marinelli's filmography contains over one hundred feature film credits with an AACTA award nomination for the Australian film My Forgotten Man (1993). For television, he won a Daytime Emmy Honors Award for his work on the TV series Santa Barbara (1986–87). Marinelli has also won four Clio Awards, two AICP Awards, two ADDY Awards, three Indian Telly Awards and a Cannes Silver Lion Award for his musical contributions on television commercials. He composed original music for Apple Computers and the infamous "Fried Egg" version of This Is Your Brain on Drugs television commercial.

Marinelli co-founded, incubated and hosted Levels Audio Post, a post production service; the venture serviced the television shows: American Idol (Fox), The Bachelor (ABC), the Teen Choice Awards (Fox) and the MTV Award Shows. In musical theatre, Marinelli completed BollyDoll, a Bollywood genre extravaganza with visual artist and vocalist, Amrita Sen, in 2013.



First Half of the Year Awards 2007 aka Oscar Watch
Best Original Score nomination for “Chapter 27”

American Federation of Musicians Award
"Enrichment to the Musical World for
furthering the Presentation of Live Music"

Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Award Nomination
Sliders “In Dino Veritas” (1996)
recognized for outstanding achievement in the motion picture and television industries for the year 1996 


Daytime Emmy Award
Santa Barbara NBC (1986-87)
Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series

Australian Film Institute Award Nomination
Best Original Music Score
Flynn (1993)
with Billy Childs

Musican’s Union Local 47 of Southern California
“For the contribution you have made to the Enrichment of themusical world and for your activities in furthering the presentation of live music”

Cannes Silver Lion
Portland Gas and Electric “Zappa”

Clio Award

Apple "Meeting” (1993)
Apple Complete TV Campaign (1992)
Apple "Kareem" TV (1992)
Calif. Dept. of Health Services Entire Campaign (1990)

Apple "Where is Newton" (1993)
Apple "Powerbook" TV Campaign #1 (1993)
Apple "TV Campaign" (1993)
Apple Newton "TV Campaign #1" (1993)
Apple Newton "Making it Easier" (1992)
California Anti Smoking "Full Support" (1992)
Apple Complete Campaign (1992)
Earth Communicattions Office Movie Trailer (1992)
California Anti Smoking "Ashtray" (1990)
California Anti Smoking "Industry Spokesman" (1990)
Apple "Industrial Revolution" (1990)
Apple Complete Campaign (1990)

Grillmaster "Manifesto" Music (1998)
Grillmaster "Manifesto" Agency (1998)

AICP Award
Apple "Who is Newton” (1994)
Apple "Diner" (1994)

Addy Award
Apple "Powerbook" TV Campaign (1994)
Apple "Diner" TV Campaign (1994)

Telly Award
Sharp Health Care "Wheel" Music (1999)
Sharp Health Care "Wheel" Agency (1999)
AAA "Heritage” (1995)

Silver Hugo Award
Mercedes "Smooth Ride" SUV Category (1997)
Mercedes "Smooth Ride" Automotive Category (1997)
Mercedes "Smooth Ride" Gold Plaque / Chicago International TV Competition (1997)