Afternoon Conversation: A Hero’s Story. Pop music. World Class Dance

Excerpt from "Afternoon Conversation: A Hero’s Story. Pop Music. World Class Dance"

As part of Deepak Chopra’s Sages and Scientists 2014 symposium, Anthony and Amrita had the pleasure of discussing their creative process as co-creators in BollyDoll.

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About Sages & Scientists

The Merging of a New Future will explore a series of fantastic emerging facts designed to include forward thinking Sages and Scientists who are leading experts in the areas of science, consciousness, leadership, wellbeing, peace and justice, social and economic issues and art and culture. – Some of the most urgent questions facing our future evolution will be addressed.

About BollyDoll

BollyDoll was co-created by acclaimed visual artist and singer Amrita Sen & composer and electronic musician Anthony Marinelli.  BollyDoll is a place in the galaxy where funky East Indian, African and R & B influences reside. Where Electro pop dance music pulses to exhilarating animation and dance.  Movement, sound and color will fill your senses. Experience BollyDoll, the science fiction fairytale.  “It’s a trip to the moon, around the sun and beyond...

“It’s musical theatre’s trip to the moon, around the sun and beyond…” 

BollyDoll is an original story of two princess sisters that band together to restore order in the universe through a life changing journey of self awareness in the deep cosmos. With the help of the Sun, Moon, a prince and a sagely comet, they return home transformed to reunite their kingdom with true love, leadership and enlightenment. The princesses learn to improvise, overcome and adapt to the obstacles that stand between them and the realization of their dreams.

Timeless characters dance through animated worlds projected on visually stunning giant screens surrounding the audience.  Unforgettable songs, where hip hop meets Bollywood, live singing and other-worldly sounds present a soundscape of heightened imagination.  BollyDoll transports audiences of all ages to a distant time and space centered around classic India.

BollyDoll was co-created by acclaimed visual artist and singer Amrita Sen & composer and electronic musician Anthony Marinelli:

You may remember Amrita from the performance of “Jai Ho” at the 2009 Academy Awards, where she performed the winning song from the movie Slumdog Millionaire  Amrita has sung on records with Weezer, Timbaland, Pitbull, Ozomotli and Justin Timberlake and has written and performed multiple movie and film titles with her signature Bollywood vocals. You can hear Amrita in various commercial campaigns including Honda, Jaguar and Sprite. Amrita, is also a trained visual artist, who debuted her illustrations at Art Basel in Miami Beach, sponsored by Illy Coffee and presented by Timbaland.  BollyDoll merchandise brings colorful characters and patterns to a comprehensive array of fashion accessories (handbags, scarves, costume jewelry, and sterling silver jewelry) and home goods.  Amrita’s hand illustrated designs are currently featured nationwide in Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Fred Segal.  “BollyDoll for MAC” cosmetics is upcoming.